Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Most Innovative Multi Touch Table Interaction

One of the newest and most innovative electronic device is the Multi Touch Table from Fraunhofer IGD, Germany. This device will allow users to touch CAD data (2D) in the the Multi Touch Table.

Within the scope of a joint project, a multi touch table for the interaction in and with virtual environments has been developed at Fraunhofer IGD. The system was used by order of the Plastic Processing company to visualize bulk material plants in an immerse environment.

For this aim, new interaction forms were developed for navigation and interaction. The interaction is based on an optical method for capturing the movement of the fingers.

Via a camera, the surface is monitored and perceived fingers tracked and processed by the internal VisionLib software. New algorithms were developed especially suited for multi finger tracking. With an effective image area of 150 x 90 cm, the touch table is presently one of the first larger multi touch systems that can be freely placed and positioned.

This presentation and navigation method enables a user to touch the virtually offered content and to interact with it. The table is thus a unique tool for presenting and explaining the value chain in process engineering.

Several elements can be selected by touch to have a closer look at them. In addition, the elements can be freely rotated and scaled, allowing an unparalleled view into the plant elements and components. The form of interaction is very intuitive, easy to learn, and the complexity intentionally kept low to ensure simple and smooth access to the new medium.

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